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Element Armour is a diverse team of talented SATCOM professionals creating communication solutions at all levels. Our creative solutions involve engineering, integration, training and delivery for satellite specific systems on land, in the air and at sea. Element Armour also has a line of patented products that physically protect valuable communication devices from the environment as well as the people of the world who intend to do harm.

Element Armour manufactures RF permeable tents for the use of covering VSAT terminals and other potentially weather sensitive equipment to aid in protection from wind, water and heat as well as for camouflage.

Business Philosophy: Effective communication always has been and always will be non-negotiable for government operations. It is important for Element Armour to provide an extra layer of protection that allows communications equipment to work as intended.

Mission Statement: To provide a protective tent that will decrease down time while extending the overall life of VSAT terminals.


TEL: 703.727.3333


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