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Element Armour SATCOM Tent Features

• Polymer zippers to avoid RF interface

• Removable floor so protective tent can be placed over the top of terminal during operation

• Multiple vents and doors for increased airflow and inside climate control

• Air conditioning ports (Defender 6, 10 & 13)

• Room enough for baseband, crypto and
other gear

• “Snow flaps” for anchor point options when on non stakeable ground (ie: pavement, rooftop)

• Patented pole locking system for quick deploy and stow (under 3 minutes)

Element Armour SATCOM Tents

Element Armour provides a protective barrier that will decrease communications down time while extending the overall life of VSAT terminals.

Protection from wind, rain, heat and diret sunlight while allowing RF signals to penetrate.

Is your SATCOM garage kept?


Research shows that environmental factors are the major cause of very small aperature terminal (VSAT) failures in the first 2 years of use. Element Armour’s line of protective tents significantly limit the impact of the adverse environmental factors such as rain, snow, heat, direct sunlight, sand, and wind. They also add a layer of camouflage. In other words, most VSAT’s work perfectly in a controlled environment, but problems begin with deployment to harsh areas when it is most important that they work as intended.


The Defender line-up will help control the environment in which the satellite terminal operates, therefore increasing the overall life of the terminal while decreasing communications downtime.


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